FE-MA-TECH  Machines and Glue-Systems

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- Hot glue application systems (pump, roller)

- FE-MA-TECH® hot melt hoses

- Cleaning and preheating tables

- PUR applicators (without gas and dry air)

- Service (cleaning, repair)

- Distribution of adhesives and cleaning agents

- special mechanical engineering

-Teflon coatings

- New and used plants and equipment

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Since 1992, everything at Fe-Ma-Tech® has revolved around bonding technology. We work very successfully throughout Europe in the areas of mechanical engineering, machine service and gluing system service for leading companies in furniture production, wood processing, as well as in the food and packaging industries.

We have been dealing with the problems of hot glue processing for years. Through constant contact to the glue and equipment manufacturers, we have been able to develop working methods, special techniques and cleaning procedures and have now been using them successfully for over 20 years.

PUR Devices

No matter what type of edge-band gluing machine you work with, FE-MA-TECH® are armed with the right tools and expertise needed to convert any make to PUR glue.



Preheating tables

The preheating/cleaning table is the ideal extra for those working with PUR



Vacuum box

Conserves 2 PUR applicators without any reaction of the adhesive



Hand edge bander

Hand edge bander for stationary applications and assembly work



Spray nozzles

Single bore nozzles made from brass with capillary stainless steel for dot and bead application compatible to all common models




Heated hoses

We have many hoses for you in stock, if not, we will be able to deliver the requested hose within just a few days.



Spray valve

The spray valves of series MKDD - S are specially designed for the application of glues and adhesives



Used plants

Various application units / gluing units completely with spare parts of IMA and HOMAG



Application heads

FE-MA-TECH® application heads are designed and manufactured according to latest German market standard.



Hot-glue modules

FE-MA-TECH® hot-glue modules are designed and manufactured according to latest German market standard.



Glue applicator guns

A whole variety of different materials can be glued, sealed and grouted with FE-MA-TECH® applicator guns.



Hotmelt systems

FE-MA-TECH hotmelt systems 4-liter/8-liter flexible and reliable