application pictures


The melting unit features speak for the FE-MA-TECH Advanced Bag:

  • Full service (consulting, installation, training, cleaning and repair of your melter and your glue)
  • constant contact with glue manufacturers (melting experiments with all commercially available polyurethane glues)
  • a completely closed system, you do not need gas or dry air
  • very maintenance free
  • large reservoir tank, no machine downtime during bag changes
  • low cost
  • Installation maximum of 3 hours
  • Since the adhesive supply is carried out completely airtight, the maintenance and cleaning times are reduced drastically. The roller applicators need not, as in other systems of the machine are made ​​every day to put them into nitrogen or clean with granules. Even after a long work-free weekends to 4 days could be produced without problems, without the rolling equipment of the machine to take. The FE-MA-TECH melting unit needs to be cleaned only once a year.

    Der Kleber wird vom PUR Beutelschmelzgerät über dem Heissleimschlauch in das Auftragsgerät gepumpt. Mit einer Abdeckplatte wird der Leimtopf luftdicht geschlossen!