heating hoses

Hot melt hoses from FE-MA-TECH®

The flexible connection for your application systems:
  • The flexible heated hoses with diameters of 6-8 - 13 - 16 mm etc. in all required lengths are system compatible with the market standard and interchangeable
  • With the hot glue tubes is a product manufactured in Germany branded product.
  • The hoses are manufactured on your needs.
  • At the request and stating the contact assignment we deliver to your specifications.
  • Many hoses we have in store for you, if not, we can deliver the desired hose in a few days.
  • You can also heated hoses from other manufacturers over us, but a comparison of price and quality will make your decision easy.
  • Heated hoses with removable glue soul of FE-MA-TECH®

  • This hose in hose system allows simple clogged glue the soul from the basic hose with a new Teflon tubing (soul) to replace
  • Particularly suitable for reactive hot melt adhesives
  • So fast and above all cost recommissioning of the tube is possible in the event of a blockage of the glue canal
  • Plugs and cables are specially designed for guns and systems to leading manufacturers