Trade show Pragoligna

in cooperation with our Czech Partner, we exhibited at the Pragoligna this year.

Changeover to 20kg PUR aluminium bag

Nobilia kitchens converts to FE-MA-TECH Advanced 20kg PUR bagmelter. After a long test phase, at the beginning of the year the major order came for the conversion of various existing and new IMA Klessmann edge banding machines. The Efficien of 20kg bag melters has convinced and thus it was clear that only these facilities come into question.

  • cost savings through 20kg PUR bag
  • easy to maintain
  • user-friendly
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    All systems were manufactured according to customer requirements. By the middle of this year, ten FE-MA-TECH Advanced 20kg PUR bagmelters are already in use. For white PUR adhesive and for transparent PUR adhesive one PUR melter.

    From the craft to the industry

    We from the company FE-MA-TECH offer Solutions for PUR adhesive processing  for the industry as well for the trade.

    Furniture manufacturers and furniture suppliers around the world are working with a FE-MA-TECH PUR system, and with a growing, trusting network we are creating the right connection to the customer. Whether it is a two man operation in the Czech Republic or the leading office furniture manufacturer in India.


    All systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards, all systems can be customized according to your wishes

    Miniprof and FE-MA-TECH

    Here we can announce the good News that FE-MA-TECH and the Czech machine manufacturer Miniprof work exklusively together. The Company Miniprof serves the Czech Republic, Slovakai and Hungary .

    The first PUR melter could be placed in

    Fimma Valencia 2018

    In cooperation with our Spanish Partner we exhibited tis year at the FIMMA in Valencia from 6-9.02.2018

    Secondhand glue units

    For 2018 we have the optimal offer secondhand Homag and IMA glue units. It isn't always a new glue unit necessary, save up to half of the original Price

    Homag QA34 any type
    • Homag QA65
    • IMA 1Liter of any type 
    • IMA 0.8Liter any type
    • IMA 7,5Liter any type
    • IMA BAZ

    You need a different glue unit? No problem, we can put together the right one for you.

    All order units can be customized according to your specifications. Upon request, we will send you pictures of the desired glue unit.

    If interested, please contact us directly:

    05223 493298


    FE-MA-TECH PUR System in Indien

    FE-MA-TECH 2kg light PUR Bagmelter for a Brandt Edgebander in Ahmedabad, Indien!

    DREMA Fair

    This year, we are also exhibiting our products at the DREMA trade fair in Poznań. In cooperation with our partners, we will present various products for the processing of PUR adhesives!

    FE-MA-TECH PUR CC Melter Zweifarbensystem


    FE-MA-TECH presents an absolute world novelty on the Ligna. A PUR bag melting machine with which two adhesive paints can be processed

    The demands of the customers are increasing. More and more companies need to process two PUR adhesive paints, white and transparent. This raises the problem of how I process two different colors on an edge banding machine.

    We have accepted this problem and developed a PUR bag melting system which allows two colors to be processed

    The PUR CC Melter offers the following advantages:
    1.Easy work with two colors
    2.Thesives are not mixed
    3.Great investment
    4.Compact construction
    5.Quick switch between the colors
    6.Completely closed system
    No cleaning costs

    Convince yourself and visit us at the Ligna fair in Hanover, Hall 16 Stand E21

    Conversion of processing centers / CNC

    The use of PUR adhesives on edgebanding machines has become generally accepted on the market.

    Working with PUR adhesives at processing Centers is however, a problem for many companies. Too often, the adhesive reacts in the application unit or it is worked with over-controlled PUR granules.

    At FE-MA-TECH, we are continually working on the subject of PUR and are now able to convert processing centers to PUR adhesives. No continuous cleaning of the application unit, no work with PUR granulate and no nitrogen is necessary. Only bags are processed as in all our systems.

    At the moment, our solution is available for any pickup version at the processing center; a solution for the further processing centers is still being developed.

    You will find more pictures in the section "Bagsmelt" and "Application pictures". We would be pleased to provide you with information material!